Belleville Disc Springs

Belleville washers, commonly known as disc springs, are used to apply a flexible pre-load to a bearing or bolted joint and are known for their high fatigue life and high load capacity while maintaining a small spring deflection. Multiple Belleville washers are often stacked to manipulate the spring constant or amount of deflection.

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Retaining Rings used in a car

It’s amazing how many retaining rings are used in an automobile:



Conflict Minerals: Royal Coil’s Current Status

The only two minerals that would apply to our products are tin and tantalum.  Tin would apply to tin coated music and hard drawn wire, which our producing mills have supplied their smelter names who are compliant.

The other material with tin is phosphor bronze in which our suppliers state they are compliant on or after January 1, 2013.

Tantalum would apply to Inconel X600 & X750 which have tantalum as a required element. Our suppliers have advised compliance.

Since all of the parts we currently supply are produced in stainless steel, conflict minerals is not an issue as none of the 3TG minerals are used.

Stainless Steel: Selecting a Grade

Stainless steel, a ferrous alloy, offers high strength and corrosion resistance along with manufacturing flexibility. Often used in pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, and food applications, stainless steel is valued for its aesthetic, hygienic, and structural qualities.

In 1913, English metallurgist Harry Brearley added chromium to low carbon steel, creating a stain-resistant alloy with a high melting point. Today, stainless steel comes in over 150 different grades, each with varying amounts of chromium, nickel, and other metals. [Read more…]